Welcome to my weekend

Carolyn, my wife, for the uninitiated, is away for the weekend. Heather, one of our daughters, is my only company right now, aside from the dog, who thinks I don’t know she’s hiding in my bedroom, where she’s not supposed to be.

Noah, my son, is at camp until tomorrow. I’ll be checking online shortly to see the live broadcast of their final evening together. Yes, that’s right, his camp streams twice a day online. Pretty nice, huh?

Robert and Rebekah have gone to visit their father for a few days and Job, who lives in Georgia with his mom, is hanging out with friends from the group he belongs to, Bold Vision.

I’m giving WordPress and G+ some time tonight since Edison’s portal is down for maintenance. Totally sucks, though, because I have Business Law work I want to finish and I need the portal to get to it.

And that, my friends, is the start of my weekend.


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