Pursuing The Great Romance

I tend to find selfish acts, selfish speech and the like just don’t make me happy. I get much more joy from unselfishness. I’m filled with a heart to love others and when I act on that and do something to make the lives of those around me better, I’m better for it.

Why am I, and so many others, so full of love? We were made that way. God made us in His image and He is love. He has relentlessly pursued His Creation and offers them a great gift. God is holy. He cannot be together with unholiness, and let’s face it, mankind isn’t very holy. So God found a way to pay the price for our sin and justify us so we could be with Him. He sent His Son to die for us. The price for our iniquity was paid by an innocent Man and the result is a spiritual “get out of jail free” card. God’s holding it out to you; you just have to accept it. Have faith in God. This doesn’t mean that we believe God exists, but that we trust God explicitly. Trust Him and trust in Him. We cannot overcome the separation between us without His help, no matter how hard we try. When we realize that we can only grow by relying on his grace, the scales fall off our eyes, our hearts swell and we begin to change.

See, the Good News truly is good news.

(apologies to Ted Dekker for use of his phrase in the title, or thanks, whichever is more appropriate)


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