Feeding Frenzy

Last night I was sitting on the couch watching Torchwood, killing time until I had to leave to pick up Carolyn from the airport. Chores were mostly done, Heather and I had enjoyed a dinner of hamburgers off the grill and I was trying to figure out how to spend the next few hours when my phone rang.

I don’t have many friends who call me up and ask me to go do stuff. OK, let’s be honest, I haven’t had a friend call and ask to do something in a long time. Why? Because I know only a few people around here, and while I know and trust some of them quite well, our interests don’t exactly line up much. Kevin, though, is different. We both did college briefly after high school and he even belonged to NROTC at his school, so we have some common touchpoints there. We enjoy a lot of the same stuff and our kids all get along really well. Recently I discovered he and Carol, his missus, are borrowing a tandem kayak from a friend with an eye towards buying it.

Imagine my surprise last night when my phone didn’t just ring, but it was Kevin asking me to go do something I seriously enjoy: kayaking.

“Wanna go?”

“I need a minute to think aboutyes.”

We took the kayak over to Ponce de Leon Park, put in and checked things out. There’s no better way to enjoy God’s Creation, in my mind, then from up close. Kayaking lets you do that. I saw mullet that looked 18 inches long jumping several feet out of the water, beautiful birds stalking fish in the shallows and lots of beautiful fauna. It was pretty cool to get some exercise, hang out with a friend and see all this amazing stuff. I really wish I had a camera I could have taken, or could take in the future, to capture the beauty I saw.

The park closes at dusk and we decided it wouldn’t do to be back up in some canal when the rangers came to make sure everyone was out, so we headed  back to the ramp. When we got there someone was loading their boat, so we paddled out towards the harbor a little bit. The sun was  going down and everything just had that pre-sunset beauty to it. The mullet here were smaller and didn’t jump as high, but there were still visible.

I noticed a dolphin moving closer. He broke water maybe 20 feet away and moved on. We spun around, slowly, just checking everything out, when a sudden explosion in the water drew our attention. It happened so quickly I wasn’t sure what had happened.

“Holy crap! Was that an alligator? Shark? Dude, what was that?” I was perplexed, excited and maybe, just maybe, a little concerned.

“It was the dolphin. I saw it. He was eating all those mullet we saw,” Kevin said. Immediately I was just filled with awe. I’d never imagined such a thing and then I got to see it from so close. Wow. Amazing.

We hung around, trying to stay in the same area, and got to watch our aquatic mammalian friend catch several more mouthfuls of mullet. Then we noticed he was swimming alongside, about 10 feet away, just back and forth alongside us. It was pretty cool.

A guy was wading out from the shore with what looked like a 500mm or 1000mm lens on his camera, just snapping away at us and the dolphin the whole time. The sun was going down and we went back to the ramp. By the time we got the boat out and loaded I didn’t see my fellow photog anymore. I’d have loved to have seen some of his shots.

Over the weekend I read a post on Facebook, I’m not sure who posted it, that said if you let go of your idols, hang on and see what God does with your life. I found myself letting go of a lot this weekend, and gladly. I don’t know what God has in store for me, but I’m pretty sure Monday night was a reward. I’ll keep it up if that’s what’s in store.

Needless to say, Kevin and I have planned to do this more often. Great exercise, yes. Great scenery, yes. Incredible memories, you better believe it.


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