This is madness … this is dinner

“This is madness.”

“No. This is Sparta.”

I’m not sure what we were talking about before that, but when Carolyn said the first line my reply was inevitable.

We were making breakfast for dinner and it was a team effort. Sausage from the grill. Pancakes and eggs from the stove top. Toast. There were a lot of cooks in the kitchen.

Making pancakesThings went quickly and smoothly. For a few minutes all the stress, disagreements and trials were on hold. The time we spent cooking and eating tonight was probably the best part of the week so far. We’ve done this in the past, I know, but it’s been a long time. We’re going to have to do this more in the future, though.


The reasons I mentioned above. Everyone seemed to take part in some way and everyone enjoyed themselves. Call it madness if you want, but no one got kicked into a well during dinner tonight … and that’s a good thing.

Has there ever been a time when you wanted to turn something that was unexpectedly wonderful into a family tradition?


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