Photographic Evidence

A couple of Sundays ago I was discussing photography with some current and former Marine photojournalists. During the discussion I mentioned shooting several rolls of film at various sporting events on base back when I was at MCAGCC, 29 Palms, Calif.

Of course they cut some jokes about using film. One asked if I’d known Jesus. I replied that I do know him now, but not prior to Calvary. He said that’s a shame, because Christ could have used a good photographer to help his PR efforts.

“Yeah, it was a big party, people were drunk, maybe they just didn’t realize we dropped some dye in the water or something.” A videographer could have caught it all, shown without a doubt a miracle had taken place.

A photographer could have captured a dead Lazarus, shown him in his crypt and then photos of him alive, not to mention Lazarus actually being there.

Feeds the 5000? Video and photographic evidence showing no one ran out to the local Pvblix, Winnius Dixius or Vini Vidi Acme to get some more fishes and loaves might help people accept that more easily.

Of course, if you could use that sort of technology back then … video surveillance of the tomb (because your typical legionary isn’t the best person to guard a dead body all weekend, right? But they have done so without reproach the then-world over) would show there’s no way that Jesus guy got out on his own. Or would it?

I think there’s a reason Jesus came at the point in history that He did. One would be that there was no way to prove, other than the records of the time, what happened. No one would benefit from making all this up. Jesus wasn’t who the Jews were hoping for. They were looking for someone to lead them to victory over the Romans, not someone who told them to love their neighbor as themselves and to turn the other cheek. They sought a political and military leader. What they got was the Word made flesh preaching repentance, grace and love. He told them to have faith.

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. (Hebrews 11:1, New International Version). Various dictionaries say it a little differently, but the meaning is the same. Faith has to do with something you cannot see. Photographic evidence might convince some people, but there would not longer be faith.

I have faith. Christ lives in me and I don’t need a picture from 2000 years ago to show Him. I try to show Him in my daily life. I hope you do, too.


1 thought on “Photographic Evidence

  1. It should be our goal to have faith in HIM! But at the same time, how can ppl not believe in HIM with all the beauty that he has created? In my photography class, the instructor is always talking about “opening our eyes to see Everything!” This is true, in more ways than one! If we open our eyes, we will see ALL that HE has created. And know that because of HIM, we have many things, including Forgiveness.

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