Going the distance

Kids make mistakes, adults are the bad guys. I hate the distance poor decisions puts between people. 

The kids made some mistakes today and we had to administer some discipline. I love my kids and it pains me whenever this happens. Today I am especially hit by the way the situation has put distance between everyone.

I suppose that’s because there was another situation earlier that drew us all together a bit and Carolyn and I (still) hope to use that build a bond with those involved, but the plan is set back a little bit.

This doesn’t just happen in our earthly families, but between us and God, as well. When we sin, we tend (like Adam and Eve) to want to hide from God. Further, God has a plan for us but when we make bad decisions, we can throw those plans out of whack. The Bible tells us that God has plans to prosper us, not to harm us. This means we’re just hurting ourselves. It’s the same thing we tell our kids. Suddenly they’re grounded and we have to miss out on fun stuff we wanted to do with them, too. We have to drive places the oldest would have driven to, instead. Our sin decisions mean we may have to wait to do something God had planned for us, or maybe He will call someone else to do it, instead.

The quickest way to close that gap between yourself and someone else, or yourself and God, is to admit you’re wrong and seek forgiveness. Trying to hide it, justify it or lie about it does no one any good. We are all going to make mistakes — with our parents, our bosses, God, friends and family — but how we handle them makes all the difference in the world. We aren’t islands, we’re people, so relationships are important. Apologize, repent (i.e. turn around) and move forward together to the finish line.

Have you ever made a mistake that hurt a relationship? How did you fix things?


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