How’re those resolutions coming?

How is everyone doing with their resolutions and whatnot this year, so far?

I mostly planned goals instead of solid changes, and I’m doing alright with those. The solid changes I was set on have been elusive, but I’m working on them. Making big changes all at once in several areas of your life can be really difficult and that is why many resolutions fail.

I finally learned to recognize this a few years back. At that point I basically said, “forget resolutions.” This year, though, I’m using the near year as a chance to make a new start in several areas. The hardest areas have been dietary changes. I’m, quite honestly, failing miserably at changing habits I’ve had most of my life.

I’m adjusting my attack plan, though. Dropping certain foods and eating patterns cold turkey all at the same time gave me a headache, caused anxiety and led me to totally break my resolutions within a few days.

In this past this meant feeling guilt and shame and then forgetting all about it after a while. This year I’m reviewing my progress for the past month and locating strengths and weaknesses. I’ve been doing alright with reading the Bible daily, praying daily, sticking to my running plan and writing a blog post each week. I feel pretty good about this. I don’t like that I have failed with removing soda and certain breads/starches from my diet. So what am I doing about it?

Scaling back. I think cutting the caffeine and sugar from drinking soda all at once gave me some nasty headaches, so I’m cutting back a little each week until it’s gone. The fries, breads and stuff are taking some serious thought and devoted attention on my part. I’m used to eating a lot of crap. And I used to be able to eat it whenever I wanted without an issue. Even as I got older and discovered it wasn’t going to be so easy to handle late night snacks without major weight gain, I couldn’t adjust my patterns. So, goal number one, with food, is eliminating the snacking after 8 p.m. Step two will be to scale back the snacking in its entirety. Finally I want to replace the foods I snack with. The replacement portion of the plan is actually taking part in conjunction with the other two parts.

So. That’s how my resolutions are going. How are you doing with yours? How are you addressing the ones you are having trouble with?


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