What a crazy week


Yeah, wow. Why? Because this was one long, tough week. 

School kicked my butt. There was a lot due across all my classes this week.

Home kicked my butt. There are four kids here and one that isn’t talking to me right now in Georgia, but I still spend time worrying about him and praying and hoping all is well with him. At least one kid was home sick every day this week, I think. Friday might have been the exception.

My friend Harry that I’ve been hanging out with the past several weeks went and got a job. It was bittersweet saying bye to him the other day. I was happy for him, but man it felt like the band just broke up. We were a Mutt and Jeff pair. He’s kinda tall, built, black with long dreads and a good bit younger than me. I’m almost average height and about 100 pounds lighter. Short hair and well … you might not know this … I’m white.

I’m going to miss the conversations and laughs we had. Humor coated our conversations on serious topics like gravy covers roast beef. We discussed societal ills, racism, sexism, poverty, politics, religion … you name it. I hope he follows through on his desire to someday script a sit-com on his life. I can’t wait to get the call to pick out the actor who plays me. It will be a hit, trust me.

You might be thinking, “Gee, Jay, why so sad? In all your busyness did you forget he just got a job; he didn’t get orders to a new duty station?” Well, the job is taking him to various parts of the country to start with, and he’ll be working in some other countries, too, when he’s not covering a good portion of the southwest coast of Florida. So, yeah, I’ll miss seeing him and hanging out, but thanks to technology we get to stay in touch more than might happen otherwise.

With everything going on this week I was afraid I’d miss out on time with God. You know that’s important to me. It’s foundational. During the course of the week the LORD spoke to me several times, reminding me of his unfailing love through Psalm 23; his desire to see man reconciled to him in Psalm 51; his will that we are faithful to him in 1 Peter 2:11; and his reward for us in 1 John 5:11-13.

Finally, Jon Acuff reminded me of something today: rest. I’ve been up since 6 today, which makes seven straight days that has happened. When I wrap this up I’m going to snooze for a few and then go watch the Super Bowl with my parents. No, my team (I don’t have one) isn’t in it. I want to watch the commercials, relax and hang out with Mom and Dad. What are you doing for the Super Bowl?


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