When highlight reels collide


We’ve probably all seen or heard the quote from Steven Furtick that the reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes footage with the highlight reels of others. If not, I’ve included a picture of it. What do we do, though, when these two things collide? I mean, when you confront someone with how much their highlight reel means to you and they respond that you haven’t seen the behind-the-scenes footage.

That happened to me yesterday. 

I was asked to speak at the monthly men’s breakfast yesterday at my church. I opened with a joke. I personalized it a little so people weren’t sure at first if it was a story or a joke. Then I told my story. I tend to think it’s a unique story and no one will relate to it. I know, intellectually, that this isn’t true, but sometimes owning that knowledge is a different matter. I shared how I chased women because I thought it would please my dad if I had sexual conquests to boast about. I shared how I turned to alcohol whenever this failed, or when it just didn’t seem like enough to fill the emptiness inside me. I shared how God lifted me out of this and showed me His love — and how to love — through a Godly woman, my children and her children. It was tough.

I got done, sat back at a table with a few friends. I really admire the way one of them is a spiritual leader in his home. I keep thinking of ways to accomplish in my home what I see happening in his home. He made a comment about how he felt I was setting a good example to my children and he wished he was a good spiritual leader.

“Noooooooooo!” was the Vader-like response in my soul. Are you kidding me? I look up to you in this area and you don’t think you’re very good at it? I’m doomed!

I struggled through the day thinking about this. It took me several hours to decide that our highlight reels had collided and caused our background footage to spill out of sealed containers. It was good.

I learned from this. I learned I’m not alone. I learned that people don’t belong on pedestals. I learned something else I can share with my kids to help them feel better about themselves — a practical example of a wise statement they’ve seen on Facebook.

It also fits neatly into the point I made while wrapping up my talk yesterday. I want to learn wisdom and share wisdom so that my children won’t have to experience the same pain I have experienced. If, in the process, I can help other men to avoid some of those pains, too, all the better.

Have you ever been part of a collision of highlight reels?


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