Chirrrrrp, chirrrrrp

It’s been quiet around here, huh? I’m sorry for neglecting you, dear readers.

It’s been a busy summer. I’m a full-time student with several kids and I volunteer with several things at my church. It keeps me busy. Sometimes I wonder how I have enough time for my hobbies: photography, writing and running.

I’ve worked with a few models this summer. I will post a link here when I update my portfolio. That’s been an interesting and educational experience. I’ve worked as a photojournalist before and I’ve done a lot of nature/wildlife photography. Working with models can be fun — and trying. The first model I worked with, Alyssa, was lively and adventurous. The second, Yasmine, was a little unsure of herself and it came through in many of the pictures. Both interactions taught me more about working with people, even when I’m not holding a camera. Sometimes, if you’re in charge, you need to direct someone’s energy where it will do the most good. Sometimes you need to create that energy in someone; be their cheerleader and coach to get them moving.

I’ve become more serious about my writing. Yeah, right, you’re saying. No, really. My fiction writing. Friends of mine put together an anthology earlier this year. I wanted to submit something but lacked the confidence to do so. Once I picked up my copy of it (Battlespace, find it on Amazon for Kindle for just $3.99; proceeds benefit the Warrior Cry Music Project for wounded veterans) and read it, I felt much better about what I could do and started working on it. The results are a short story I’m running past my friends and then fielding for publication. I’m also working on some stories related to that, as well as a separate tale of mankind’s first tentative steps beyond the moon.

When I haven’t been working on schoolwork, writing or shooting my camera I’ve been running. If my training times are any indication, I’m going to break the 30-minute mark in the 5K the next time I race. That’s good news. The rough part is that I keep having knee trouble that cuts my mileage back every few weeks. We’ll see how this goes, but I hope to have a few more race reports to post here this year.

Finally, I feel like I’ve neglected not just you, but myself, in not writing here. I’m taking time off socializing on Facebook to socialize here. I have a lot on my mind. Thoughts and ideas that need expression. Hopefully said expression interests you.

Until next time!



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