Minimize To Maximize

It seems like everywhere I go someone is telling me they’re amazed at everything I do. It’s a constant barrage of “You sure are busy, aren’t you?”

Yes, I am. Yet I never feel like I’m accomplishing anything. I love to write and I love photography, but I never seem to spend enough time doing either to satisfy me.

I enjoy running and working out at the gym. I do both at least three times a week (normally).

I am going to school full time. I’m in a bachelors program and most of my classes are half-semester classes, so everything moves at the speed of light, it seems. I took a midterm yesterday. The final is in two weeks.

I volunteer with my church. I admin their Facebook pages, help with services on Sundays, and lead/facilitate a men’s small group. I’m also part of another small group and on the leadership team of the men’s ministry. That’s practically a full-time job by itself.

I’m on the board of the Florida Organization for the Parents of Blind Children. It’s a great non-profit working to bring parents in touch with the resources they need to help their children be successful. It’s not the most intensive of my responsibilities, but it exists.

I admin Facebook pages for some smaller organizations as well.

I am currently working part-time on a friend’s farm doing landscaping. Sounds glamorous, right? Nope. Pulling weeds, raking stones and occasionally petting horses when I head to the barn to get in the shade.

Did I mention I’m married with five children?

I’m not trying to brag about everything I do. Far from it. Part of listing this out is so I can actually see how much I’m doing. Would you care to guess which responsibility is receiving the mouse’s share of attention most of the time?

I’m applying for two full-time jobs this week. Either one would be excellent and I feel that I could be happy with either position (and certainly be able to provide for my family in either place). Being employed full-time again will mean some things have to go. I’ve already decided school will be the first casualty. I’ll keep going, but will have to cut back on the number of classes I’m taking at once. I’ll probably drop the gym membership, as well. I can workout at home, without weights, and continue to run. The smaller Facebook pages will need new administrators, too. My friend’s farm will still need help, but that’s what a high school senior is for, and I have one of those who would love to do some work and put a few dollars in his pocket.

I had been considering the idea of taking on some other responsibilities, but reading over this has helped me see I really don’t have the time. I’m committed to my family and need to be sure I give them the time they deserve. I have a commitment to the guys in my small group and my church’s media team. A friend had stepped up to help lead the men’s ministry a while back, but became sick, so I stood in the gap for him. He’s well now and wants to get back to it, so this might be a good time for me to stand back there, as well.

What are some areas you could minimize so you can maximize your life?


1 thought on “Minimize To Maximize

  1. I’m sure there are always a bunch of things that we can all minimize. Mine probably is my addiction to Facebook (Yes, I’m aware that it’s a huge addiction). Still, right now I find it hard to concentrate on doing any positive, lasting works. This is mainly because I know that if I tried, they’d come crashing down due to the quicksand nature of my life as is right now.

    That being said, it’ll get better. Something I have faith in my good Lord that’ll happen. =)

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