Insomnia Insidiously Injects Ennui Into My Life

I won’t be discussing some crap film from 2002, though it might help. No, far better, I’m describing the situation which falls upon me every so often of not being able to sleep. Can’t do it and — after a few days — don’t even feel like trying.

I visited WebMD and hoped to bore myself reading about it. No such luck. Instead I’m now trying to figure out how often this occurs. I don’t think it’s a chronic issue at this point. I also am pretty sure it is secondary, meaning there are other things causing it. Things like stress, anxiety, and depression.

What would help? A regular life. Maybe getting out and running or working out, too.

Regularity ain’t happenin’, Jack, not with four kids here and one a few hundred miles away. Which, by the way, ties into the anxiety issue. Doesn’t help I’m working odd jobs when I can and doing school work when I’m not, either.

Running? Working out? Ha! That would require a little verve, a little joie de vivre. It’s early Friday morning and I’ve been awake since Monday around 6 a.m., except for about 4 hours in brief interludes — one Tuesday morning and the rest between 4 a.m. and 10 a.m., in spurts, Thursday. Something has to give.

I mean, I don’t even feel like reading, which is usually a pleasure. I’m only writing because I’m making myself do it.

Typically I like to share a lesson or use my life as an anecdote to help others learn and grow. I’m sorry that this entry isn’t so much that as it is whining. Useless whining at that. All it’s really doing is helping me pass the time. On the upside, my typing seems to be less prone to errors when I’m tired. I wonder why that is?


I wonder if “Up” is on Netflix? Probably not. The house is also entirely too quiet tonight for me to get away with watching it and not wake up others.

I hope that my crummy attitude dissipates like a mist when the sun comes up. I hope I’m able to go out and take some love to others. Mostly, though, I’ll be writing a research paper.

You there! Yes, you. What will you be doing with your Friday?


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