That’s some yummy humble pie

I’m in landscape management. According to my self-created job description I “locate and remove threats to landscape integrity.”

I pull weeds.

I was thinking about this as I pulled weeds this morning. Is this where I thought I’d be at 40 when I was 14?

No. And yes.

I grew up on a farm and thought, in 1986, that I’d be running it by now, have a few horses (something we hadn’t had since the early ’60s), and have a few books published. If I was pulling weeds it would be so I could enjoy some solitude and have some time to just think.

How the mighty have fallen. I grew up in a life of upper middle-class privilege, though my parents made sure I worked my tail off enough to deserve a little of that privilege. Today I’m pulling weeds for a friend who offered the job to help me out.

Humble pie? You betcha.

God is using that, though, to help me understand what people of a variety of backgrounds and experiences go through. Since leaving the Marine Corps I’ve rolled with the penniless and with people worth millions. I’ve been unemployed and I’ve made $2000 in a week. I’ve lost and gained and lost and gained family and friends. I’ve made some stunning mistakes along the way. I’ve had a few triumphs. Like Job, I’ve learned to bless the name of the LORD in either instance.

This morning  I discovered my sciatica. I’m not sure exactly what I did, but somehow I pinched it. As I was rubbing my back I began to think about my current situation. I’m on a farm, I’m pulling weeds, I am writing, and I’m using the time with weeds to talk with and worship God.

I’m happy. I don’t know that I’ll ever own my own farm, but this experience is priceless. If I’d known this humble pie was coming in 1986, I’d have been prepared to choke on it. In retrospect, however, I’d say it is actually delicious.

Question: Have you ever had an experience that, going into it, you would not have enjoyed, but when it was over you were glad you went through it?


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