Isaac, Day 1

We were able to go to church this morning before things started to get bad. The ubiquitous Florida sun was hidden behind constant clouds. A wind came up. Rain fell. It was dreary.

The wind picked up and the rain fell harder and harder. I sat on the lanai for a while and that was nice, but then it rained harder. I came back inside.

More wind. More rain. I worry we may need to chop down the trees around us and build a boat before it’s over. The weather people say it will get worse throughout the night. I must remain vigilant to keep my family safe.

We are fortunate to have lots of pizza here. And lemonade. I think we will survive. Maybe. If things get bad, though, the youngest child will go first. He’s been around less time than the rest. We aren’t as attached to him. I hope. I’d hate to be wrong and end up missing him if we have to turn him into dinner.

Look, if the media wants to make this into something drastically dramatic, I can, too!

Isaac has been an interesting exercise in watching people worry excessively. I’m pretty sure God’s thrown a lot of information my way on why I don’t need to worry. I will trust in him.

Have a good night and stay dry or safe or whatever.


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