The Backhanded Blessing

Have you ever been the recipient of a backhanded blessing?

Laura Story covers this topic in her song, “Blessings,” with the whole “what if your blessings come in rain drops” bit.

Today my wife surprised me with a call shortly before her lunch period. “I miss you. Can you pick me up and we’ll go out to lunch?”

“Uh, yeah, sure. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

We really have no business going out for lunch. We need to be putting money aside for the mission trip to Ecuador and not being frivolous with it. Sadly, though, her masters degree program and my bachelors program have us living almost separate lives lately. We aren’t spending much time together, so it was a chance to just talk on our own for a few minutes.

We went to a local place we frequent enough to be friendly with the manager. As she was finishing things up and about to ring up our order, I went to the soda fountain. As cola ran into the cup, a bug ran out.

Creepy, a little gross, but stuff happens, you know? No big deal. We laugh about it, I throw out the cup and get another one. Meanwhile, Carolyn and the manager are chatting about crazy experiences at restaurants. I only heard part of the conversation, so I was surprised when Carolyn came to the table we usually sit at and said, “Lunch was free.”

I was confused. “Why?” I asked.

“The bug. She said we shouldn’t have experienced that.”

“Yeah, but no harm, no foul. I was okay with it.”

I wasn’t complaining though. God was on my mind and so I was thankful. I even saw the blessing in the incident. That’s not something I’m good at usually.

“Lord, thank you for this time to have lunch together. Thank you, Father, for the backhanded blessing. The bug was kinda gross, but you made it good for us.”

I really had no idea what else to call it. So “backhanded blessing” it is. Have you ever experienced one? Want to tell us about it in the comments?


1 thought on “The Backhanded Blessing

  1. God has a funny way of turning things around all the time. Josephs story comes to mind. What others meant for evil God means for good. All things work together for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. Have a blessed day in all you do.

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