I’m quite the bibliophile, if you didn’t know this. I love reading and enjoy books in general. Lately, though, I’ve fallen in love with the Kindle. I still enjoy holding a physical book, but I love that I have a couple hundred books sitting in my lap right now.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading lately, when I haven’t been working on stuff for my classes. What have I been reading?

Phillip Thompson’s “A Simple Murder.” Anything but a simple murder mystery. This is the sequel to “Enemy Within.” Wade Stuart is one awesome Marine-turned-federal agent. You should seriously check out his adventures.

Everything by Michael R. Hicks. Nearly all of it. I think I have one more to read to be up-to-date. He’s in the middle of moving into a new home, but started writing another novel this week. His “In Her Name” series is a sci-fi masterpiece. The “Harvest” trilogy is a science thriller with elements of mystery and action-adventure liberally thrown in. Hicks is also a pusher: he’s giving away several of his books for free on Kindle and other readers. I’m hooked.

Have you heard of Evan Gabriel? He’s the brainchild of Steven Umstead. I just read “Zero Point” last night. I stayed up way to late fighting to finish it before sleep claimed me. Military sci-fi cum medical science thriller that’s character driven. It’s the back-story to an already established series and it is free on Kindle right now. I am ready to dig in to the rest of the books.

I hope these give you some insight into purchases for yourself or friends with the upcoming holidays.



1 thought on “Bookie

  1. I can say the same about Mr. Hick’s “In Her Name” series. I read the original trilogy, but got sidetracked and haven’t finished up the “prequels”. Going to read Zero Point soon-ish, but my Nook went missing thanks to a certain 10 year old, and when I found it it was sadly dead, so I’ve had to wait for it to finish charging.

    I’ve put a new Kindle (One of the eInk versions) on my to-buy list, and honestly, if it wasn’t for the loss of Text-to-Speech on the new Paperwhite version of the Kindle, I’d instantly drop money on it. I have to decide if I can live without the feature. Funny thing is that I never actually used it before when I had my third gen Kindle (Didn’t know the function was available) so I never tested it. I can just foresee this being such a great thing on my long drives to/from work, you know?

    OTOH, I’m moving to W@H, so maybe it’s not even needed… LOL, well, I guess I just answered my own questions. LOL. Paperwhite it is! =D

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