Percolating thoughts

My oldest daughter has several health issues. The “going blind” part isn’t even the one that causes the most trouble. It’s the “mystery stuff.”

She’s had issues with weakness, shortness of breath, nausea, and fatigue for quite a while. Possible diagnoses have ranged from MS to epilepsy to POTS or NCS. It might even be something genetic. We’ve visited specialists up and down Florida’s Gulf Coast. We’ve made the 80-mile run up the Interstate to All Children’s emergency room a number of times because local hospitals are unable to deal with most of the problems she has.

Last week I had the pleasure of spending a week with her at Shands Medical Center in Gainesville while she had a video EEG. Most of my experiences with her have been at All Children’s, which is a gorgeous and incredibly well-staffed hospital in St. Petersburg. Quite honestly, the experience is one of being spoiled. They make kids stars. Patients have their own spacious rooms with comfortable furnishings and all sorts of high-tech goodies. Shands wasn’t as comfortable and we had to share a room. The people, however, were even better than the top-notch folks at ACH.

I wouldn’t say that, except we’ve been at ACH since 8:45 yesterday morning. I’m comfortable. I slept on a sort of pull-out couch last night and enjoy having a private room. The people have been nice and the food is good. It’s just that the people focus by the people is a little sharper at Shands.

Nothing definitive, of course. Just my experiences lately. I guess if I wasn’t sitting in a hospital with a bunch of homework sitting at home waiting on me my thoughts would brew instead of percolate.

My question for you: Have you had experience with two organizations that are both very good, but the other had some minor edge that set it apart? Share in the comments.


1 thought on “Percolating thoughts

  1. Odd to say but yes I have. Standard Army formations and the Airborne ones, although in general tended to be pretty much the same, for some reason the Airborne ones were just a touch better. Maybe it was the elan of just BEING a paratrooper? I dunno, but just the mental shift was noticeable to me.

    Anyway, enough with my own ramblings. =P

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