Open Letter


This world we live in is a confusing place. It moves very fast. Some, especially in our media, try very hard to keep up or get ahead of the pace, and that makes it even more confusing. Sometimes it seems that people get ahead of the facts. This tends to blur things for people as more facts become available. Not only that, but people are judging things for themselves and often won’t change their judgement even as more facts become available.

I think I know why this happens. Education. Parents are not teaching at home. They expect teachers to do all the work at school so they can be their children’s friends at home. Not only that, but they aren’t reading the Bible or seeking You regularly in prayer. Facts, it seems, cannot be completely understood unless they are seen from the perspective of Truth and Your Word provides that Truth from which we can make decisions. The biblical word is, I believe, “discernment.” Father in Heaven, thank You that I’ve been privileged to know Your Word from early in my life and that I now have friends who disciple me to bring me closer to You and to understand You more.

God, you are faithful. You are my security and my hope. Anything else — everything else — fails. Please, LORD, help us to love as You do. Help us to live so that others would see the faithfulness, security,and hope You bring through how we speak and act.

Father, we have no control over this broken world. We can barely control ourselves, let alone other people. Please help us to live, minute to minute, seeking You, glorifying You, loving Your creation.



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