Follow Friday For Blogs

Time to give back. I benefit from the work of others. I want to share some of those others with you.

First, without a doubt, is Jon Acuff. He has two blogs, including the incredible Stuff Chrsitians Like and his personal blog, Jon’s blogs have encouraged me, made me laugh, kept me going, given me inspiration. He set up 30 Days of Hustle to help people make their New Year’s resolutions pay off. That, in turn, has helped me work harder on my writing and my health.

Two other blogs that help me a lot are Donald Miller’s Storyline and Mike Hyatt’s blog. Both focus on things like building a platform and organizing your work day. Miller has a focus on telling your story, while Hyatt is more about maximizing your tools. If Jon Acuff pushed me to work harder, these guys helped me work smarter (not to take away from Jon; he’s got lots of smart stuff to offer, too).

I write. Writers read. Michael R. Hicks is one of my favorite sci-fi authors and he has a blog at his website which gives insight into his work, as well as tips and pointers for publishing. Another of my favorite writers writes Southern noir in a contemporary setting. Think Mickey Spillane meets small-town Mississippi in 2012. That would be Phillip Thompson. He’s an excellent cartoonist, too, but I haven’t seen anything lately from him in those lines. He’s from the south, so it’s no surprise his site has kudzu.

Bryan Allain writes about putting together your tribe, and on his website he strives to entertain his. If you’re looking for some good laughs, or some good advice on building a community, that’s a good place to start. Also, please don’t forget that Bryan is a mammal.

Several years ago I knew enough about economics to know I didn’t know enough. I also had developed some logical ideas on what sounded right. I wasn’t far off, it turns out, as Sean Malone helped me strengthen my understanding of the field and showed me my instincts were leading me in a good direction. Sean’s Logicology blog is a great place to put economics under the microscope of logic.

This is just a short list, but it includes those blogs I enjoy most and get the most from. Of the seven, three are people I know personally, a fact I thank God for fairly regularly. They offer valuable advice and direction, they challenge me, and the encourage me. While I might get some of that from the other blogs, it’s much more meaningful from people who are aware of my faults. But I digress. All of these blogs have something to offer. I hope you are able to take a few minutes to check them out.

What are some blogs that you find helpful? Comment with them. Who knows? Maybe you’ll help someone else out.


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