Olympic Dreams

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, are underway. I haven’t watch much of it this year, not like I used to as a kid when I’d watch every possible minute. Even so, I’ve seen some incredible performances.

I wonder, which event catches your attention? Was there, when you were a kid, an event you dreamed you’d compete in during the winter games? If you could compete now, is that still the event you would choose?

I’ve been skiing a handful of times in my life. I loved it. I knew I would before ever I strapped on skis, though. Why? Because as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to do giant slalom or downhill. That’s still my pick. I watched Bode Miller on the downhill last night. It was the longest downhill course in Olympic history, with the most vertical drop in Olympic history as well. Bode lost an edge once or twice, he stood up a little too much. I could feel the ice under me, hear the snow as I cut through it, feel the exhilaration of the jumps, and the wind rushing in my face.

What about you?


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