Walking for guide dogs

My oldest daughter is blind. You probably know that already, but maybe not. We have begun exploring getting a guide dog for her and visited a nearby breeding and training facility called Southeastern Guide Dogs.

It’s a great place. For about 30 years they’ve been breeding and training dogs to assist the blind or to work with those with other disabilities. In recent years they’ve also provided a lot of support for veterans.

This weekend my daughter, the rest of my family, and some friends, are going to Bradenton to take part in a fundraising walk-a-thon for Southeastern Guide Dogs. My daughter found out about this event when we visited Southeastern a couple of months ago. She’s the type of girl who wants to help those who help others when she can’t directly help someone herself. She also feels that taking part in the walk-a-thon is an investment in her future, for the time when she is able to have a guide dog herself.

She named her team Blind Anchors, in part symbolizing her time spent in her school’s Naval JROTC program, but also to symbolize that she won’t let stereotypes hold her back. She seeks to conquer blind prejudice with blind faith, that she won’t be defined by her lack of sight. She’s on the board of the Florida Association of Blind Students, a part of the National Federation of the Blind. Their motto is “Changing what it means to be blind.”

Please consider supporting the team this weekend by making a donation through our team page, or comment below with a message of support. It will mean the world, not just to my daughter, but to those who benefit from your support of Southeastern Guide Dogs. Thank you for reading. In return, you can have this cute picture of a guide dog puppy playing.



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