I’m back

Sometimes life gets crazy and the important stuff, at least important to you, gets buried in the mundane day-to-day stuff. Which is another way of saying, I’ve been busy and going crazy because I haven’t been writing every day.

But I have been writing.

I have a new book out now and you can get it from Amazon, Smashwords, or lots of other places, including CreateSpace.

160202 Cover Lamborn Sm RGB copy

It’s a page-turner, I’m told, a tale of terror sure to keep you up at night. I’d love it for you to grab a copy and decide for yourself. Maybe you could leave a review wherever you get your copy?

OK, I suppose you want to know something more about it. The book is called, “A Taste for Something New,” and it takes place in Southwest Florida. Gruesome murders lead police to consider unconventional suspects. Heads are on the block as a beautiful investigator and an awkward cryptozoologist team up to stop a monster leaving a trail of human wreckage across the area.

I’ve been working on a group of short stories since finishing the principle writing and editing. Childhood nightmares are pretty good fields to harvest for stories aimed at keeping adults up at night, I’ve found.

What’s something that scares you?


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