A snippet to entertain you

Here’s a piece of “Wolves in the Storm” to keep you happy while I finish it up. Please share it with your friends. Maybe they’ll be hungry enough to try “A Taste for Something New” while they wait.

The hum of the rotors lulled Kurt into a short nap, but the sound of the gunner running a belt of ammunition into place woke him up. He looked around the cabin and saw his team all focused on the young soldier priming the automatic weapon.

It was a cue for them to start final checks themselves. Magazines slammed into place. Knives were loosened in their sheaths. Ulric’s men were the best Great Britain had to offer, but he still watched them for proper weapons safety. A negligent discharge inside the helo could doom them all.

Kurt shuffled over to the door, looking over the gunner to watch the coastline slide by beneath them, so close he thought he might touch the waves as they crashed ashore. The pilots were going low and fast. The clear skies over the water were replaced by clouds and the night grew even darker around them.

Sand. Nothing but sand. No lights, no buildings. Then a dip and there was the camp.


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