A late post … and why that should be rare

I’m late.

I have been trying to get on a weekly schedule with my posts, but I blew it last week. I made a mistake.

What mistake was that?

Not sticking to my plan.

There’s a military maxim that no plan ever survives first contact with the enemy. The better the plan, the more you drill it, the better your chances of survival. Mine is still new to me and I let pressures get the better of me, leading to procrastination.

See, in addition to writing I’m a stay-at-home dad. I have three teens in the house (one with chronic health issues), one that lives out of state, and another in the Navy. I end up taking forgotten stuff to school, picking up sick kids, mailing packages, and hauling kids to see doctors. I run to the store to get food, or parts to fix things. I walk the dog. I talk to neighbors. Last week was pretty non-stop.

I’m saying all this to share this: you should check out Donald Miller’s Storyline. This is an awesome blog, and Donald offers a great tool (for free!) I’m learning to use to help me be more productive in my creative endeavors. I find, when I’m applying it, that I’m more productive all around, as well.This was the plan I failed to stick to. If I had, I’d have survived “first contact” better. Instead, when I ran into trouble, I just went back to the old norm and let procrastination win.

So, being the nice guy I am, I wanted to share that with you, completely unsolicited. I mean, what kind of person keeps something awesome to themselves when it could help their friends, as well?


1 thought on “A late post … and why that should be rare

  1. It happens bro. That’s what makes life, life. Still having a schedule really does help to help you meet certain goals. I know I had to commit myself to something for writing, and thus my possible writing gig, depending if they like it or not. =)

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