Some thoughts on rights

I hear a lot of talk about rights these days, but I have the idea that many of those doing the talking have no idea what rights are. Rights are not a gift from government. They are a gift from God; they are inherent in our humanity. We have the right to speak as we choose, the right to gather with whom we wish, to share our thoughts and ideas without pressure from outside forces. We have the right to be secure in our persons and property. We have the right to govern ourselves without tyrants micromanaging our daily affairs. That, my friends, sums up the Bill of Rights.

They aren’t a gift from government, but rights restrain government and keep them out of our business. We are free to make choices, but never forget there is no freedom from the consequence of your choices. When you start calling health care or education a right, you are looking to some agency to provide this “right” to you. It’s not a right when you depend on someone else to provide it. They’re nice things, commodities, but you don’t have the right to them. The idea that it is your right to have these things is entitlement. It’s what happens when every kid gets a trophy.

When you get the idea that the things you should be free to do are given to you by government, you start getting the idea that government should give you everything you think you deserve. Maybe our education system needs to rethink how it teaches rights. Scratch that. It should rethink it. Too many young adults in America think the government is the source of all things. Part of that is an unchecked government at work in the education system. Part of it is lazy parenting.

Some of you may be thinking I’m talking about Gen X, and some of you may be thinking I’m talking about Baby Boomers. You’re both right. Both generations, in America (at least), have failed at upholding liberty and teaching its principles to the next generation. We’ve raised a generation of people who think the world is fair and everyone should have what the other person has. That’s not the case. It’s never been the case, and never should be. People cannot and should not ever be cookie cutters.

We are shackled by ourselves, the consequences of our actions.  Don’t let support of a government who wants to take your choices away be one of those actions. God didn’t design government to be the source of support in your life, let alone the source of your freedom.


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